Monday, 9 February 2015

.: Cosplay plans for 2015 ! :.

Hey ya!

I decided to make a little list of my current cosplay plans for this year ! This list will also include costumes that I've already made or I'm currently making.

Since all of the people don't have FB and haven't seen my cosplay plan spam, I decided to show them here!  ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

SeriesLove Live! ラブライブ!
Character: Sonoda Umi, Snow Halation ver.
Con: Yukicon 2.0

Other thingy: Group cosplay !<3

Series: Borderlands 2
Character: Lilith
Con: Desucon Frostbite

Other thingy: Lilith is my favorite character from Borderlands, it was only matter of time when I'd make this. ^^

SeriesChuunibyou demo koi ga shitai
Character: Takanashi Rikka, gothic ver.
Con: Tampere Kuplii

Other thingy: Rikka is such a quirky and cute character, which I love. Totally was on my must list and I can't wait to start this costume~!

SeriesLove Live! ラブライブ!
Character: Sonoda Umi, Wonderful Rush ver.
Con: Desucon

Other thingy: Group cosplay !<3

Series: RWBY
Character: Ruby Rose
Con: Tracon

Other thingy: Tribute cosplay for Monty Oum.

SeriesLeague of Legends
Character: Elise - the Spider Quenn, Blood Moon ver.
Con: Tracon (maybe)

Other thingy: I actually have arachnophobia, which is quite ironic.

That's about it.

Lots of costumes and maybecostumes and stuff. I hope I can finish them all. I'm glad that there are couple more simple costumes after Lilith and only after them, Elise.

Yukicon 2.0 - Starter of the year !


Yukicon 2.0, as I said before, was the first winter con I've ever been! ^^ Even though it was quite cold being as Idol..

Saturday morning probably was one of the easiest con mornings I've ever had. I wasn't in rush at tall :o I woke up very early and I didn't have any problems putting the costume on. We grabbed  Chuiga with us and everything was going according as planned. 

When we arrived to con, there was bunch of people already and we had to stand in line quite long time. Or it feel like it, because it was freezing, ahaha.
I'm glad we found our Snow Halation group pretty quickly.

When we meet up with our group, almost right away we went to do our photoshoot.

I also finally met YumiKoyuki Cosplay ! I'm super excited x3 (Sorry for being so fangirl and nolo. haha ^^'). She was super cool and awesome and all.!


Photos are taken by Elluuhh.

You guys are awesome~!


Because my shoes were killing me, I was in my seifuku at Sunday.

Overall Yukicon 2.0 was nice, and I'm surely will be there next year ! ^^

Monday, 29 December 2014

The End of the Year

Hey ya guys~!

I haven't been that active blogger, sorry. I've been posting new stuff to Facebook and Twitter, tough ^^ ..and my Finnish blog.

It's almost end of the year, so I'll quickly put some stuff what I've been up to:

I have talked about pressures of cosplay and the looks. And complain about group cosplay stuff.
But I've also made huge progress with my cosplay ^^

And these are a bit old progress stuff so I can happily say that my Umi Sonoda cosplay is ready for Yukicon ! 

There is also a little bit progress with my Lilith cosplay:

Tested my wig

Tested arm tattoo

I also edited some photos of my Ayane cosplay~

Next time I'll post some of my cosplay plans and such ! 

Stay tuned ^^

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Winter is coming..

.. And so does winter conventions! o(*゚▽゚*)o

I was planning to go only Desucon Frostbite, but last week I tough I should go to Yukicon as well. :3
So there is two conventions in winter and to cosplays coming up !

I had birthday at the other day (6th) so I went I bought my self a sewing machine !
She is so gorgeous and goooood and I really, really like it ^^

Isn't she the cutest sewing machine ever? ;w; ok.

So I was super pumped and I wanted to start to make cosplays right away!
And I did.

I started it at the last Friday and now it's almost done.! Omg, I am actually finishing a costume in less than a week? :O The costume itself is not too complicated, but still I'm quite proud of myself~

And what is this cosplay I am talking about, you might ask?

Last week I found a group that was looking for Love Live! cosplay group for Yukicon at the finnish cosplay site in Facebook. I really liked Snow Halation designs and I decided to join. So I watched the anime and I choose to cosplay Umi.
And I thought this might be the change for me to go to con on my own! ..But my sister tagged along, so maybe next time ;>

So this is the cosplay I'm talking about
I started with the pants, but since I didn't took so good pictures of them, I decided not to put pictures here :'> But they are almost done !

Then I did patterns (with my own style) for the shirt and sewed it together.

I also made normal sleeves for the first time ! It wasn't that hard to make them, and nowdays there are very good tutorials online.

After all that I sewed light pink ribbons and some fur to the edges.

Few details are still missing, but I found super cute buttons for the costume :

I also made a hat and arm warmers, both of them were quite easy to make. And I found great tutorial for the hat ^^

There is still some fixing for the shoulder part, but it's almost done too:

I also got the ribbon fabrics ready, so there is so little left to do.. ^^

So yeah, it's almost done. Few details are missing, but still. ^^
I quite happy with the result.

At the weekend I'll probably gonna go to buy more fabrics. And if I'll finish this costume this week, I'm going to start the second one for the Desucon Frostbite. :3

I'll tell you next time what that cosplay is.. ;>


End of the Con season, Tracon 9

Ohhai, it's me again :'>

I somehow lost almost all my Ayane progress photos and I can't find them anywhere, so I'll just talk about Tracon and put some progress pictures later when I find  them :'>

This time we went to Tracon with bigger group of people;

Me as Ayane and my sister, Chuiga as Kasumi
Ninnu as Nyotengu
Kis from Aion, Kahrun Leather Set
And of course our slaves Ninnu's and Chuiga's boyfriends. ^^

At Saturday we woke up very early and we had to dress up, put our make-up and eat at the same time :'> We are always in the hurry when it comes to Con mornings.
Then we went to minibus and picked up Ninnu, her boyfriend and Kis and we headed to the Tampere where Tracon was.

When we arrived to the Con, me and Chuiga has minor problems with our costumes. Hers was falling apart and I had problems with attaching my armor pieces. :'> Oh well. Finally we got our costumes fixed and we went to line up our ticket to the WCS and such.

We walked around a bit and because some people are careless and don't watch where they are going, my sword holder snapped and I tried to fix it the rest of the day. Also Chuiga's armor was falling apart too, because of some careless people who were pumping to us at the hallways.

We also took some photoshoot at the Saturday, but we shooted more at Sunday.

When we went to the hotel to sign us in, me and Chuiga changed to half-normal clothes. Because there was WCS coming and after that we went to eat and sitting around in my costume was really hard :'>

Also ! I forgot to take extra shoes with me, so I had to walk high heels all day ;__; I'll have to remember that next time.

I really enjoyed the WCS competition and the winners really did deserved to win !
Those costumes was made with quality and I really enjoyed their skits. ^^

I really got inspiration to make my own costumes!


We had lovely breakfast in the hotel at Sunday.

And almost right away we went to photoshoot more our cosplays. ^^

Sneaky peaky attack
Ayane was about to steal Kasumi's 3DS :'>
Epic battle between Nyotengu and Ayane
And I had watery eyes and running nose all day.. :'(
"Love is an open doooooor~!"

I went and bought my self a Panda Kigurumi and Zelda shirt. Oh, and also birthday present to my older brother; Surfing Jesus. Yep.

At some point little group of guys approach us and asked for a photo. One of them had Hitomi hoodie, I want hoodie like that so bad :'< And he said that he had in frankly two Hitomi hoodies and one Kasumi college jacket. So unfair! I would love to talk to them more, but we had to go.

Also there was this one girl who said that she love DoA -series and she was so cute ^^


It's always weird when Con ends. It would last a day longer, if you ask me, tough my feet didn't agree. Two days in high heels was enough for me :'>

I left with super inspired to do my own cosplays and plan upcoming cosplays~ That was great!


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Super busy.!

Sorry for lack of updates.!
I've been super busy with my costume, only one week till Tracon.! And suddenly my sister decided to move only week and a half before con, so that's that. (」゜ロ゜)」

I hope I'll be able to upload more WIPs and such within the next week before con.

'till next time~!


Sunday, 10 August 2014

NEW PROJECT: Ayane, Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge

So let's start from the beginning:

Ayane has always been my dream cosplay, but I've never actually had the courage to cosplay her. I always thought that I wasn't good enough. And I think everyone have that for the character they love and don't want to do cosplay about the character if you're not "bringing her the glory she deserves".

And I was planning to cosplay again Elin from Tera: Rising with my sister. But one day I saw in Finnish Cosplay FB-page that there were few people looking group for Dead or Alive. That instantly caught my eye and told my sister. We decided that we really should cosplay as Ayane and Kasumi. I'm not still actually sure if there are going to be proper DoA group for Tracon 2014, but it doesn't matter anymore. I started my costume and I am very happy about it ^^

This will be long post to the point where I am now. So all the updates won't be this long ^^'

Even thought I am super nervous about this costume, but I am still very happy that I decided to make this.

First I got the wig. I actually was hoping that I would get a little bit darker, but i'm quite happy with this one. I think it still need a little bit more styling and such, but I think it fits well for this cosplay.

But let's start with the weapons, shall we ?

At first I drew butterfly wing to the paper for my swords and then I transfer my pattern to Craft foam. I needed to draw for wings, because it's two wing/sword.

Then I did the same thing for my sword:

And yay, they're ready !

I just simply glued the butterfly wings together and done !
I simply drew patterns fro my kunais also. And here is the result after Worbla:

And I also used Worbla for my swords. ^^

After that I made holders for my Kunais. They are still missing details..

..But at least they won't fall off in the middle of convention ^^

And I finished my scabbard for my Fuma Kodachi's. I am quite happy with them.

I'm also almost done with my bodysuit and armors, but I think I'll leave it to the next post ^^

See you soon~